Miniature Blue French Bulldog Puppies For Sale


She is a cutie pie and we love her for so great look and blue and tan color- can produce blue or blue and tan pups. So gorgeous, vaccinated, wormed & vet checked. Jenna is a healthy pup raised with us and her parents are social & have excellent temperaments. She is adorable and has a fine and soft coat, softer than any Frenchie we’ve ever seen. She is a real charm and wants to be with you all the time.

AKC Registered


Ellie is a true munchkin black and tan female has visible tan points. She is a charmer, adorable, and genuinely loves people. She is ready for a new home, fully vaccinated and vet checked with health certificates. She is used to being handled and cuddled a lot also full of mischief and will certainly bring you joy. Ellie is truly the men’s best friend, very lovable. She can produce black and tan or chocolate and tan, and chocolate.

AKC Registered

Miniature French Bulldog Puppies For Sale


Rosalie looks beautiful – brindle and white pied female that carries cream. We love her and enjoy as a part of our family. She has a solid and thick skin with a super-wide head. She loves attention and partial to children, healthy, happy and ultimate breed looking for loving and caring homes.

AKC Registered


Dana is our favorite and so charming chocolate female. She is a complete energy package, friendly and enthusiastic female. She also carries blue and the “A” gene and able to produce chocolate, blue, and lilac and mix of the colors with tan points.

AKC Registered


Blue is always beautiful and she is absolutely the most gorgeous blue female we have.  She is a true gem with a great appearance, beautiful wide head and a body like a brick house. Her look is so adorable, hence you can’t ignore her. She is solid blue and carries AT, and can produce blue, black and tan, and blue and tan pups.

AKC registered