Teacup French Bulldog Puppies For Sale Cheap



Our priority is to provide healthy puppies and we guarantee to offer the best puppies free from any serious congenital and other diseases for up to 1 year after the time of sale. We are passionate about the health of our dogs, providing necessary care to give them the best chance at a long and healthy life.

We recommend the buyers to get their puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of its purchase and this examination cost will be paid by the buyer. The incubation period for parvo is 10 days and our puppy will be guaranteed to be free of parvo for 10 days after you have received it. If in case the puppy contracts parvo during this period of time, the seller will have a choice to pay for its treatment or replace the puppy. Kindly note- this guarantee does not include other health conditions that can afflict all dogs except- parvo, including- Demodex mange, coccidiosis, giardia, inguinal or umbilical hernias, along with hypoglycemia, ear mites, fleas, or ticks.

This health guarantee does not include health conditions that are considered common for bulldogs, like- cherry eye to the elongated soft palate, entropion, skin allergies, stenotic nares, uneven bites, or more. This guarantee also does not include the matters of size along with the height and weight, appearance, coat quality, and temperament. In case the buyer decides to refuse the required examination or not performed within the 48-hour time limit, the buyer will be responsible to take complete responsibility for the puppy’s health and the contract will be considered void.


We guarantee if our puppy does not pass the required examination, or found any genetic or hereditary disorders, or has undescended testicles within one year after purchase, we will be happy for its replacement. The buyer will be liable to provide documentation from at least 2 licensed veterinarians with written documentation and diagnosis, test results, and other information (if any) as requested by the seller. In this case, the buyer will continue to pay the veterinary expenses at his own risk. Upon replacement, it is important to return with all AKC registration documents in order to return full ownership to the seller.

If in case a genetic condition should cause the puppy to die within one year of purchase, it will be eligible for replacement. In this case, a necropsy will need to be performed and a formal report must be issued by a licensed veterinarian. Once the seller has received this report, it will be thoroughly reviewed before going to any conclusion. In this case, only the buyer will be financially responsible for all veterinary expenses during this time. Additionally, if the seller finds that the cause of death was due to a genetic condition, the seller will agree to replace the puppy. The replacement puppy will be taken from a future litter and it will be of the same sex, breed, and value of the original puppy.

Cash refunds, whether in part or full, will not be given to the buyer under any circumstances. And the buyer will need to pay the balance amount and pick up the puppy within 10 days of the arranged pick up date, unless special arrangements have been made. If the buyer fails to pick up the puppy within this time period, the puppy will be resold and the buyer will need to deposit the forfeited.