Mini French Bulldog Puppies For Sale

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Why First Class Frenchies?

Nelly Frenchies is all about Frenchies, crazy for them and so if you are we have the world’s best French Bulldog puppies available to suitable loving homes, well raised and socialized with full breeder support. We are a family of 7 and love raising and selling puppies to the pup lovers in Ohio and around. These little munchkins are a part of the family, living with us on 100 acres of wonderful wooded property in the heart of Ohio. Established in 2000, we produce, care and sell quality French Bulldogs for years with a focus on their temperament, and appearance. Our dogs are raised in a great lifestyle, they are cared, socialized and loved the most by our entire family and friends.

We are experienced and well-trained to train our dogs, offer great ambiance so that dogs and their pups can enjoy the most, play, eat and do every possible thing without any restriction. We are proud to have many happy owners who love our Frenchies and are happy to raise them like their kids. No matter what kind of pup you are looking for- the color, shape, and size, we have you covered and love to find the perfect Frenchie for your sweet home to make it sweeter. Nelly Frenchies is a veterinarian owned and home-based breeder, best in producing the highest quality French bulldogs in Eastern Ohio. So come to us as we often have a great number of lovable Frenchie puppies each year to help you to discover something the best.

Why French Bulldogs?

This breed is something you love wanting to have as they are known as an irresistible companion dog. This is called a rare dog breed, looks so amazing, easy to train, and called as good watchdogs. They are not excessive or irrelevant barkers, so if your Frenchie barks, you’d better pay attention as he may be alerting you. At the same time they are very entertaining, love rolling around while chattering at you, so happy even in small spaces and light in weight. As they are tiny and affable, hence the best breed for the people who live in small houses or apartments. The best part is Frenchies love people and will often show their love and affection to the people and really want your attention.

If you are seeking for a pup but confused about what to pick, we are here to guide you the best and strive to provide as much information as possible. With years of experience in the veterinary domain, best on reproduction, using artificial insemination and pro in semen collection and processing. Additionally, we often very excited to announce the arrival of the beautiful puppies so you be connected and get notified of the best and high-quality pups on our website. Browse our stud page and find adorable French Bulldog pups are ready to find them forever homes. These little ones are raised in our home, they love running, playing and licking toes. They are fun to watch, friendly and playful.

We support the pup lovers and happy to answer any questions you may have about our Frenchies. Thanks for visiting us!